[Translate to English US:] Company Statement

[Translate to English US:] Horn USA, Inc. manufactures and supplies high precision carbide grooving tools designed to fulfill the expectations of end users regarding Productivity, Quality, Reliability and Environmental considerations that apply within individual market segments.

The development and manufacturing processes are subject to an approved quality control system which applies to design, product development, and component manufacture and production management.

All steps during the manufacturing process are carefully scheduled and executed in accordance with best practice regarding manufacturing, environmental protection and workplace safety. The manufacturing processes are subject to a process of continuous improvement to optimize both costs and quality.

Manufacturing is carried out by skilled, highly trained employees.  Employee training is continuously upgraded as necessary, and manufacturing is carried out using the latest, most modern equipment, systems and materials.

It is desirable and important to develop a pro-active work philosophy that identifies possible errors in advance so that we can work toward the creation of error-free processes. This philosophy requires highly motivated employees. It is our aim to create and continuously improve a working environment that helps to maintain a highly motivated workforce.

Each employee takes personal responsibility for achieving company targets regarding productivity and quality of his output.  In case of process or production failures that he personally cannot influence, it is a procedural obligation to inform his or her supervisor or area manager without delay.  The system is designed to eliminate irregularities and maximize performance, and all employees participate in this quality procedure.

For all environmental and quality related work and processes regarding emergency activities, specific procedures have been introduced.  These are documented and are kept on file.

Continuous control of all products, processes, and documented procedures are guaranteed by internal audits and certification audits by external institutions.  This is in order to continuously improve the company’s environmental protection, workplace safety and quality control.

Monitoring of environmental factors is integral with our normal production to prevent the possibility of error. New processes are laid out with consideration of the influence on the environment. We aim to identify the best available production technology taking into account all environmental, quality and economical manufacturing considerations.

The minimum requirements for any of our activities are set by statutory rules and regulations. We are committed to use our best endeavors to avoid any possible danger for health, safety and the environment.

We aim to involve our employees, the public, our customers and suppliers in the definition and implementation of our environmental and quality programs. We want to advise our partners and suppliers of our in-house standards and by doing so motivate them to follow our guidelines.

We support open information exchange with the authorities. We keep them informed regarding potential environmental problems or risks in order to establish agreed procedures to deal with possible environmental effects caused by an emergency.

The management has agreed the above quality and environmental guidelines. Thus, Horn USA declares itself to be in favor of integrated environmental protection and quality assurance which are linked with the causes for adverse environmental and quality effects.

In order to meet its obligations for environmental protection, quality and health and safety at work, Horn USA sets its own environmental, quality and health and safety objectives which are adapted to the conditions of each location. The coordination of the management system is performed by the representative who is obligated to report to management.  An annual environmental and quality audit documents the corresponding activities of the company in summary and verifiably.

The company supports and encourages every employee to practice environmental protection, quality assurance and occupational safety responsibly and actively at his work place. The competence of the employees is enhanced by training and education to guarantee optimum support of our customers for environmentally sound practices, especially with our products and services.

The managers have particular responsibility. As role models, they actively contribute to further developing the corporate policy and anchoring this in the company culture.

By being open regarding information about the environmental protection, quality and safety measures adopted by the company, and about the successes and problems for implementation, we aim to motivate our employees and generate credibility among the general public.

In order to convert environmental, quality and safety awareness into concrete behavior of the employees, the available resources of personnel development, employee training and information are used.