Drilling and Countersinking In Carbide

Paul Horn GmbH is proud to present DDHM, its CVD diamond-tipped tool system for cost-effective drilling and countersinking operations in solid carbides and sintered ceramics with a hardness of up to 3,000 HV. With the launch of this drilling system, HORN is further expanding its range... Read more

Expertise In Coupling and Pipe Machining

Paul Horn GmbH has succeeded in winning over the world’s leading manufacturers of machine tools for pipe and coupling production, as well as end users, through the continuous development of customer-focused tool solutions.  The tool manufacturer is able to create cost-effective... Read more

New Parting-Off Geometry For High Feed Rates

HORN is introducing the EH geometry, a new development based on the S100 grooving system, for parting-off at high feed rates. The stable cutting edge enables feed rates in the range of f = 0.25-0.4 mm/rev, during grooving and parting-off, which results in reduced machining time across... Read more

High Chip Volume With High-feed Milling

Paul Horn GmbH is pleased to present a new development for high-feed milling. The DAH82 and DAH84 systems from Horn represent a new generation of products for this milling process. The precision-sintered insert has eight usable cutting edges, resulting in a low cost per edge and a high... Read more

Real-time Tool Monitoring (PTS)

In close cooperation with the Kistler Group, Paul Horn GmbH has further developed its globally unique solution for real-time monitoring of tools used in turning applications. Kistler is a world market leader in dynamic measurement technology for measuring pressure, force, torque and... Read more

Broaching Square Holes

Paul Horn GmbH is expanding its broaching product range with the addition of tool geometries for broaching square holes. Users can choose the appropriate size of tool from the N105, N110 and N177 systems according to the size of square they want to produce. The N105 and N110 systems... Read more

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