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Targeted Chip Breaking

Paul Horn GmbH has extended the 108 and 114 Mini systems by adding a new GM threading geometry that is suitable for turning ISO metric internal threads in partial and full profile. The chipbreaker geometry enables the production of short chips, even with long-chipping materials and... Mas »

Milling System 406 with Wiper Geometry

Paul Horn GmbH has extended the 406 tangential milling cutter system to include an insert with wiper geometry for finishing. The new insert has been developed in response to demand from Horn’s customers, reflecting the fact that surface quality requirements are constantly increasing.... Mas »

Tangential Milling System M610

High accuracy and surface quality Horn is continually developing the M610 tangential milling system. In addition to the side milling cutter, the range is being extended to include a 90-degree shoulder mill and new carbide grades. The patented tool system ensures a soft cut with... Mas »

New Coating IG35

High heat resistance The new IG35 insert coating allows Horn to offer high performance and long tool life when machining stainless steels, titanium alloys and superalloys. In combination with the 3V and FY geometries, the aluminum titanium silicon nitride coating prevents the... Mas »

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