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Milling Tool Eliminates Need for Additional Equipment

Día de publicación: 01.07.2014

Among the automotive parts they manufacture, Machine Tool & Gear pumps out over 112,000 truck shafts each year from its 70,000 square foot facility in Owosso, Michigan. These shafts are produced in a work cell built around a Mori-Seiki NH 4000 horizontal machining center. Recently a design change to one of the shafts created a challenge for MT&G Manufacturing Engineer Jeff Ochodnicky.

by Horn USA Editorial Staff
Production Series | July 2014

Milling Tool Bites Hours off Cycle Time

Día de publicación: 01.06.2014

You know you have a problem workpiece on your hands when your outsourcing vendors turn down the work. As a result, Cambron Engineering's already full backlog created the need for cycle time reduction. A chance encounter with one of Horn USA's Applications Engineer turned into major time savings.

by Horn USA Editorial Staff
Production Series | June 2014

Cool Groove

Día de publicación: 01.06.2014

The importance of effectively cooling the cutting zone when grooving.

by Jason Farthing | Technical Sales & Marketing | Horn USA
Cutting Tool Engineering
Volume 66 | No. 6 | June 2014

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Targeting Micro Parts

Día de publicación: 01.05.2014

Tooling investment supports precision, profitability.

by Jim Barnes | Contributing Editor
Shop Metalworking Technology
Volume 3 | No. 3 | May 2014

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New Trends in Cutting Tool Products

Día de publicación: 01.04.2014

Contribution to ISM Supplier Round Table

by Jason Farthing | Technical Sales & Marketing
Horn USA, Inc.

Issue: March / April 2014

The Aerospace Precision-Machining Race

Día de publicación: 01.03.2014

To meet increasing demand, machine tool builders are marshaling new resources, technologies and strategies.

by Jim Lorincz | Senior Editor
Manufacturing Engineering
Volume 152 | No. 3 | March 2014

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Collet Chucks Keep the Show Going

Día de publicación: 01.01.2014

Demonstrating a machine tool's ability to cost-effectively boost productivity to a potential customer isn't effective if the cutting tool chatters at high machining parameters.

by CTE Editorial Staff
Volume 66 | Issue 1 | January 2014

Cracking the Code

Día de publicación: 01.12.2013

Determining when complex turning and multitasking are the right solutions.

by Kip Hanson | Contributing Editor
Cutting Tool Engineering
Volume 65 | Issue 12 | December 2013

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Cutting Better Threads

Día de publicación: 01.09.2013

Cutting Tools: Thread milling comes into its own as a productive process.

by Jim Barne | Contributing Editor
Shop Metalworking Technology
Volume 2 | No. 6 | September 2013

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Anatomy of a High-Feed Insert

Día de publicación: 01.09.2013

For any shop tasked with heaving hogging, chances are good that the go-to strategy involves takeing a light cut at heavy feed rates.

by Matt Danford | Associate Editor
Modern Machine Shop
Volume 66 | No. 5 | October 2013

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Medical Shop Increases Tool Life with Hex Broaching

Día de publicación: 01.09.2012

A manufacturer of spinal implants and surgical instruments achieves immediate results in a switch from rotary broaching to hex broaching.

by Chris Felix | Senior Editor
Production Machining
Volume 12 | Issue 9 | September 2012

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Cutting Tool Coating Production

Día de publicación: 01.09.2011

Cutting Tool Coating Production By Duane Drape National Sales Manager Horn USA

Strategy Change Leads to Performance Boost

Día de publicación: 01.04.2010

The two Type 636 slot mills rough and finish mill the recesses from the solid material. Slots in the range of 1.5- to 3-mm width and as much as 12-mm depth can be milled with the standard cutters.

Avoiding Bad Breaks When Boring

Día de publicación: 01.12.2009

Avoiding bad breaks when boring There's a basic misconception about applying micro boring bars to finish small holes: the tools won't work.

More Effective Groove Milling for Gearboxes

Día de publicación: 01.07.2009

Manufacturers that produce standard product lines have an advantage over contract shops in that they can continually upgrade their processes based on predictable machining needs.

Fundamentals of Grooving Operations

Día de publicación: 01.10.2003

As with any turning application, the keys to good performance when OD grooving are choosing the best tool for the material and applying it at the proper cutting parameters.

Small Bores Present Big Challenges

Día de publicación: 01.08.2001

The challenge of boring holes smaller than 0.250" in diameter can cause trepidation—even among experienced machinists. Not only is it nearly impossible to see what is happening inside of the hole, but the required tooling also tends to be fragile.