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Archivos de Nuevos Productos Publicados


INFO 9/21: New Boehlerit High-Performance Tools

  • High performance and machining reliability due to new chip breaker geometry 
  • Reduction in cutting forces
  • Universal use due to the customized cutting edge geometry


INFO 8/21: Slot Milling Cutters for Narrow Widths

  • Material-saving cutting due to milling widths from 0.25 mm
  • Milling depths up to 13.5 mm
  • High performance because of up to 12 effective teeth


INFO 7/21: Thread Milling System 304

  • Cost saving due to exchangeable insert
  • Different sizes available from stock
  • Thread milling in partial and full profile


INFO 6/21: Extension of CBN Tools

  • High cutting performance in superalloys and powder metallurgical steels
  • Wide range of tools for hard machining
  • Perfectly adapted geometries for a wide range of applications


INFO 5/21: Reaming System - DR Large

  • Simple set-up and exchanging of the reaming head without tool adjustment
  • Modular system design with a wide range of standard inserts
  • Inexpensive servicing of the reaming heads by HORN


INFO 4/21: PCD Form Boring Tools

  • High precision and surface finish
  • Increased efficiency due to perfectly matched design
  • Increased tool life due to high-performance PCD


INFO 3/21: New HPC Solid Carbide Endmills

  • Quiet operation due to matched helix angle and tooth pitch
  • High metal removal rates due to special HPC geometry
  • Optimized geometry for circular ramp milling


INFO 2/21: New Carbide Grade SG3

  • Hard machining up to 58 HRC with coated carbide
  • Efficient machining of difficult-to-machine materials
  • Fast delivery times due to in-house coating


INFO 1/21: New Carbide Grade IG6

  • Increased productivity thanks to heat-resistant grade
  • Efficient machining of stainless steel.
  • Fast delivery time due to in-house coating process